1. Here We Are - Justin Jarvis
  2. I Belong To You - Derek Johnson
  3. Mighty Fortress - Mary Kat Ehrenzeller
  4. Let It Go - Derek Johnson
  5. Be My Love - Justin Jarvis
  6. We Just Love You - Justin Jarvis
  7. Who Can Compare - Mary Kat Ehrenzeller
  8. You Are My God - Derek Johnson
  9. Where You Are - Nate Ward
  10. Glory Come Down - Derek Johnson
  11. I Won't Settle - Nate Ward

Jesus Culture Music proudly presents Emerging Voices: 10 new worship songs recorded live in Redding, California.

Emerging Voices is the newest release on the Jesus Culture Music label and features four up and coming worship leaders; Derek Johnson, Mary Kat Ehrenezller, Nate Ward, and Justin Jarvis. This release contains 10 new original worship songs ranging from the deep and powerful "Mighty Fortress", the surrendered message of "Where You Are", and the soulful anthem, "I Belong to You". From start to finish, 'Emerging Voices' is a fresh worship experience by four relevant voices with a heart to see people encounter God and His love.

Derek Johnson

About Derek

Derek Johnson is a singer-songwriter who has a heart to see young adults experience the power and extravagant love of God through music that carries God's presence and anointing. He has been leading worship at Bethel Church in Redding, CA for the past 4 years, believing strongly in serving the local church and has been a featured worship leader for Jesus Culture conferences. His heart is to see people transformed by encounters with Jesus who then transform the culture they live in. Derek is a relevant voice to this generation with a strong anointing for bringing intimacy and the joy of the Lord through praise and worship. Derek lives in Redding, California with his wife Becky Johnson.

Five Questions with Derek Johnson

  • Where did you grow up? What is your hometown like?
  • I grew up in Roselawn, Indiana. It was a small town with one grocery store, three gas stations and a video store that my Dad paid a lot of late fees to on my behalf.
  • What was your favorite subject in high school and why?
  • I wanted to spend as much time as possible around music so I joined any band class I could. Jazz band was always my favorite; playing drums and the saxophone. Does band count as a high school subject?
  • Your favorite way to spend time with the Lord?
  • I usually grab a guitar and get alone with the Lord. Sometimes I spend the whole time in worship and other times I'll just stay quiet and listen to what's on His heart.
  • Favorite fast food?
  • No contest, IN-N-OUT! Double double w/ grilled onions... and the fries well, you just gotta have the fries.
  • If you could give one piece of advice to young worship leaders, what would it be?
  • If there is one thing worth fighting for as a worship leader, it's your PERSONAL devotion and worship to God. I always want my public ministry to be an overflow from that secret place with the Lord. And it's practical, some of my most marking moments with God have been while I'm driving or on a lunch break. He makes Himself available to us.
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Mary Kat Eherenzeller

About Mary Kat

Mary Katherine Ehrenzeller is a musician and a missionary with a passion to take what God is doing in her local community and release it to the nations. With a style that ranges from devotional soaking to warring breakthrough, her voice resounds with passion for Jesus. The songs she writes explore the depths of brokenness and the majesty of God. She is a worship leader at The Harbour Church in Fort Lauderdale and also mentors the youth alongside her husband Andrew Ehrenzeller. She has a passion to raise up the next generation of worship leaders who truly burn for Jesus intimately, not only in her community, but also the world. Mary Katherine lives in Florida with her husband Andrew.

Five Questions with Mary Katherine Ehrenzeller

  • What worship album are you listening to right now?
  • I am LOVING Jonathan David and Melissa Helser's new album "On the Shores." I love their other albums too because it is the kind of worship music you can intimately connect with the Father.
  • What was your first car?
  • My first car was a blue 1988 Toyota Camry station wagon with electric seat belts and a sun roof. I made it cool because I was the oldest one in my class and was the only one who could drive. We called it the Pimp Wagon. I'm not proud of it, but what do you do? It was a station wagon!
  • Favorite way to spend a Saturday?
  • My husband, Andrew, and I love to watch movies, cook new recipes, drink coffee, and just chill at home.
  • All-time favorite movie?
  • Wow. That is a hard question! I would have to say is "Little Women." This movie is so inspiring to me because of the Colonial era it takes place in. I'm inspired by Jo and I feel like I relate to her character in so many ways. The soundtrack and movie have also inspired me to write my own novel which is still a work in progress.
  • If you could give one piece of advice to young worship leaders, what would it be?
  • Don't get distracted by the world's ways of music. Find the songs and sound of Heaven which may be totally different than the others around you even if they are Christians! We can only do this if we are connected into the Vine. God is always giving us new songs and as we walk with Him and live a true life of worship, He will show us how to find His sounds that will release freedom in our land!
Get To Know Mary Kat Eherenzeller Video

Nate Ward

About Nate

Nate Ward is a musician who has dedicated his life to pursuing the presence of God in every season of life. He strongly believes in community and has served as the worship leader at Wooster Church of the Nazarene in Wooster, Ohio for 7 years and is a 3rd generation in ministry. Nate's passion and zeal are evident in his worship, encouraging others to engage their hearts in pursuing the presence of the Living God. Nate lives in Wooster, Ohio with his wife Kayla.

Five Questions with Nate Ward

  • What worship leaders influence you the most?
  • I’d have to say the first one that really made an impact on me was Lindell Cooley who was the worship leader during the Brownsville Revival. Delirious? has had a HUGE influence on me. Jeremy Riddle, John Mark McMillan, & Gungor are ALWAYS  in my most played list these days and they are the worshipers making the biggest impact on me at the moment.
  • If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  • Oh that’s easy: Dale Hollow Lake wakeboarding, tubing, skiing, & being out on the water all day long. It is simply the best vacation. Absolute perfection.
  • Best Christmas present ever received?
  • My wife. When we first started hanging out she insisted that there was no way that we were ever going to date and that she just didn’t have feelings for me beyond friendship. So that Christmas when we were making or family Christmas Lists my sister asked what I wanted and without a moment’s hesitation I said “Kayla!”.  I was half joking of course but within less than a year we were married so...Thank you Santa!
  • What's your favorite summer-time activity?
  • Air conditioning. Also see question #2
  • If you could give one piece of advice to young worship leaders, what would it be?
  • The Holy Spirit has no "favorite music style". From pipe organs to house music if there is genuine Spirit and Truth worship going on He WILL show up every time. Take in all you can from the genuine worshipers who have gone before you regardless of their age or musical style. Let them pour into your life. Learn from their experiences with the Holy Spirit and let their ceiling become your floor.
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Justin Jarvis

About Justin

Since he began playing guitar in high school, Justin Jarvis has been marked with a passion for worship and the local church. "The power of music came alive to me in those years, and Jesus met me in that place. It totally changed my life, and I had to find an outlet for what was going on in my heart," says Jarvis. In 2002, Justin moved from his native Birmingham, AL to Fort Lauderdale, FL with Darren & Wendy Davis to plant The Harbour Church. "God taught me the value of community, one relationship at a time. I began to see the church as my family, and it was something very new to me. I started writing songs out of that journey." For almost ten years, he has overseen the music and creative culture of The Harbour Church through training, preaching and leading worship. In 2004, he married his college sweetheart, Janette Leong, and they have two sons, Owen and Elliot. From his family to his music, Justin desires to see the Kingdom of God and the fire of revival come in a life-changing way to this generation. "When we love Jesus, we carry a catalyst inside of us. The love, power and presence of God flowing through His people, the local church, are what will change the world. I want to create music that inspires us to that end."

Five Questions with Justin Jarvis

  • When did you start leading worship?
  • In high school, I started leading worship at different youth groups in Birmingham. I continued in college at weekly campus ministry meetings, and I got involved helping out with a church-plant my senior year. God laid strong foundations in my heart which ultimately helped prepare me for building the worship ministry at The Harbour Church when I moved to Ft. Lauderdale.
  • What's your favorite junk food?
  • Well it depends on the day: Haagen-Dazs: strawberry, coffee or pineapple coconut in that order. Twizzlers. Sour Patch Watermelons. Lindt Chocolate with Sea Salt. Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Cups. Five Guys and In-N-Out (for you, Luke). Wasabi peas. Also, hotdogs.
  • Favorite childhood memory?
  • My Dad used to decorate my birthday cakes by hand. He would sketch out a design and use a sheet cake as a canvas. The best part about it was his freehand designs were based on the party theme. My cake was always original and rad, and it made me feel so special. Star Wars. Gremlins. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to name a few. The list over the years was epic!
  • If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, it would be...?
  • ...the Thai Steak Noodle Salad at Houston's. Baby greens, mango, avocado, peanuts, tomato, chunks of filet, and fresh noodles. It's an unreal mountain of flavor!!! No contest. Am I seeing an emerging food theme here?
  • If you could give one piece of advice to young worship leaders, what would it be?
  • Plant your roots deep in a local church family that you can trust. This gives you a safe environment where you can fail and grow; you cannot get it anywhere else. Submitting yourself to friends and leaders that love you at your worst and believe the best for your life will unlock your destiny in a way talent and skill never could. Let your journey with God and the community around you be the well you draw from to write songs and lead people into His presence.
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