"Live At The Knight represents one of the most memorable nights of my life. As I scanned the crowd, I was overwhelmed by the number of faces I recognized from all over the world. People drove from as far as New York and flew in from places like Oregon, California, Canada, even Hong Kong. The night was more than a night to simply record audio and video. It was a night to live and revel in the goodness of our Maker together. To capture this moment in my hometown with so many people I love was an absolute dream."

- John Mark McMillan

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About the Album

Live at The Knight Theatre is John Mark McMillan’s 6th solo album and his first live album recording. The full length album is a collection of well known anthems such as “How He Loves”, fan favorites like “Future/Past” [Nominated for a Dove Award for “Worship Song of the Year” in 2014], and “Heart Won’t Stop” from this summer’s EP release. Live performances on the record include a cast of some of John Mark’s good friends including: Kim Walker-Smith, Bryan & Katie Torwalt and wife Sarah McMillan. Both electric and intimate, this album takes the powerful concert experience that John Mark McMillan has become known for, and delivers that experience directly to his fans.