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About Love Has A Name

As one of the most influential faith movements in the world, Jesus Culture has been capturing the heart of a community seeking after Jesus with live albums for years. Returning this August with their 10th live album, LOVE HAS A NAME is the latest expression from Sacramento based Jesus Culture. LOVE HAS A NAME includes 12 brand new songs featuring Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, and more.

Love Has A Name Tracks

1. Halls Of Heaven
Chris Quilala
2. Let Our Faith Become A Mountain
Kim Walker-Smith
3. Weight Of Heaven
Chris Quilala
4. Love Has A Name
Kim Walker-Smith
5. Flood The Earth
Katie Torwalt
6. Make Us One
Chris Quilala
7. Sound Of Adoration
Bryan Torwalt
8. Never Stop
Kim Walker-Smith
9. Fresh Outpouring
Kim Walker-Smith
10. Love Overcomes
Derek Johnson
11. My One My All
Chris McClarney
12. However You Want
Chris Quilala
13. Infinite
Kim Walker-Smith
14. Love That Saves
Ruthie Ridley
15. Make A Way
Jon Egan
16. Anything Can Happen
Chris Quilala

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