Who Will Be There

Increase your faith for your city by joining us in the world class cities of Atlanta!

We have invited some of the most noble men and women of faith we know to come an impart ever-increasing faith to a generation who believes entire cities can be saved, cultures can be shifted and nations can be shaped! Russell Evans, Kim Walker-Smith, Scott Thompson and Banning Liebscher will be releasing you to greater levels of faith that sees families to restored and divorce rates drop, economies prosper and poverty erased, crime rates plummet and peace prevail in your city!

You won’t want to miss this impartation of faith!

We are already asking God to take off the limits within your city.
That all things would be possible because you dared to believe and go beyond the ordinary and the common to release a greater measure of faith for your city!

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Culture Project

At Jesus Culture we believe God has commissioned us with His authority to disciple nations. We are passionate to see a new breed of revivalists emerge as leaders and reformers in all realms of society. Whether you desire to become a pastor or a politician, a professor or a professional athlete, a filmmaker or a full-time mom; the Culture Project session will inspire you to say YES to your God given dreams and release you to pursue your calling to transform culture!

In these popular sessions, you will experience interactive interviews with influential leaders who are using their platform in business, government, family, religion and culture; to release God’s purposes and power into some of the darkest and unreached places in our society.

Come ready to text your questions, tweet your favorite quotes and catch a vision for the culture around you! Check out who will be joining us for this session below!


Leadership Collective

col·lec·tive: shared or done by a group of people: involving all members of a group a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective

We are excited to announce a BRAND NEW addition to our 2014 summer conferences: Jesus Culture Leadership Collective.

Jesus Culture Leadership Collective is a strategic time created specifically for leaders who are influencing the spheres of church, campus and culture. Each collective will concentrate on common issues leaders are faced with and will be applicable to you whether you are a leading in the church, leading on a college campus or leading in the context of culture.

Banning Liebscher, Director of Jesus Culture and our guests for the particular conference you attend will participate in these times. In the up close and personal leadership collective you will have the opportunity to connect, learn, glean and interact with some of the most influential leaders who have made an enormous impact on the Jesus Culture movement.

Who should go to the Jesus Culture Leadership Collective?

  • Those leading in the church realm such as pastors, missionaries, church planters and ministry staff.
  • Individuals leading on campuses such as campus ministry leaders, and college professors and coaches.
  • Leaders in the culture realm such as business partners, CEOs, government officials and economic leaders.

Due to limited seating and our desire to connect please only apply if you are currently serving in a leadership role.

Click here to apply to the Jesus Culture Leadership Collective for this conference. 


August 1
02:00 PM
07:00 PM
Session 1
Jesus Culture Band, Banning Liebscher
August 2
09:00 AM
Session 2
Bryan and Katie Torwalt Power Evangelism with Scott Thompson
10:45 AM
Session 3
Lou Engle
11:45 AM
Session 4
Prayer Interactive with Lou Engle
12:00 PM
02:00 PM
Session 5
Andrew Ehrenzeller The Culture Project
05:00 PM
07:00 PM
Session 6
Jesus Culture Band, Russell Evans