Episode 2
Identity, Money, and Success

Success, money, identity…how do these things interact? More importantly how do you see yourself and think God views you? Zack interviews Businessman, consultant and author Bob Hasson to talk about these questions and how critical seeing ourselves the way God sees us leads to true success.

Episode 31
Episode 31: Nate Edwardson

In this episode Becky and Derek Johnson sit down with Nate Edwardson, Lead Pastor of The Stirring, a thriving church in Northern California, to get real about scripture. How do we cultivate a personal passion for the Bible? How do we raise a family that values God’s word? Nate calls us to embrace the journey of scripture be it in a place discipline or in a place of desire, because when you are in the word of God, the word of God gets in you.

Episode 7
Leadership Talks With Banning: Eugene Cho

Banning Liebscher sits down with Eugene Cho, the founder and former pastor of Quest Church and founder of One Day’s Wages, a non-profit organization aimed at alleviating global poverty. They discuss the process of being given a dream from the Lord and what it takes to walk that dream out. Eugene encourages us to grow in self-awareness, and to recognize our passions and burdens in order to bring them before the Lord in prayer.

Episode 30
Episode 30: Jeremy Riddle

Get ready for this special conversation with Jeremy Riddle. Most known as a worship leader and songwriter, Jeremy opens up his heart in this episode allowing us to hear some of his process of discovering true identity in Christ, how to embrace sonship, and stepping into the role of fathering the next generation.

Episode 6
Leadership Talks With Banning: Danny Silk

Banning sits down with Danny Silk, founder of Loving on Purpose, speaker and author of 7 books on leadership, relationships and culture. Danny shares the importance of properly managing authority and fear. He also gives practical tips to grow your self-awareness to build teams that have diverse skillsets to accomplish your vision.