Episode 142
Traits of a Leader: Security

This week on the JCLP we continue our Traits of a Healthy Leader series. Becky and Banning get to the heart of where our security should be found. Listen in and challenge yourself to be rooted and motivated from a healthy place.

Episode 141
Traits of a Leader: Personal Vision & Growth

We are taking the month of April and discussing key values and traits that make an effective leader. In this episode of the JCLP Banning, Becky and Dean dive into what it takes to have true personal vision for yourself. Listen in and fuel your leadership life!

Episode 1
Authentic You - Love Wins

Authentic You! A podcast brought to you by the women of Jesus Culture. Enjoy our pilot episode where we talk about why we’re doing a women’s podcast, and what we hope you’ll gain from it. Special guest is Sheri Silk and we’re hearing a message she spoke at on a Sunday morning at Jesus Culture Sacramento called ‘Love Wins’.

Episode 140
Traits of a Leader: Humility & Teachability

This month we are changing things up. Banning and Becky are taking the month of April and will be discussing key values and traits that make a great leader. As leaders and followers of Christ, we are called to a life of humility. But what does that really mean?  This episode of the JCLP Banning and Beaky are unpacking Humility & Teachability. Listen in as they go over what that means and what it looks like to walk in these values.

Episode 139
Leading in the Supernatural: Part 1

We are highlighting this week one of our favorite archived episodes.

Leading in the supernatural is about bringing the Kingdom as leaders wherever we go and whatever God has called us to do. Leadership is not only principles, it is power! We too must lead with the supernatural to offer hope and a life altering encounter with Jesus to the people we influence. Jesus Culture’s Director of Outreach and Conference Speaker, Scott Thompson challenges us with a fresh word about hungering and releasing the supernatural in our lives as leaders.