Episode 98
Finding Your Tribe: Part 2

This week Banning and Becky continue the conversation with Bryan Torwalt and Yari Sampson on Finding Your Tribe. They discuss topics such as laying down your roots, messiness, and covenant. Hear more from Kris Vallaton as he looks at a very special covenant relationship in the Bible.

This week Banning will also be answering some listener questions from our JCLP community.

Episode 97
1 on 1 with Banning Liebscher: Lyle Wells Part 1

Banning sits down and discusses leadership with Lyle Wells, National Director of Leadership Processes at the Flippen Group. Lyle is a published and sought-after speaker and advisor to educators, corporate leaders, athletic teams, and non-profit organizations. At the Flippen Group Lyle makes it a goal to equip and encourage others. He focuses on growing high performers, maximizing leaders, and multiplying the influence of all the individuals he engages.

Lyle speaks not only from a place of wisdom and insight but also from vast experiences. Lyle was a Colorado school administrator at two nationally-recognized high schools,  coached multiple state championship teams, and spent more than a decade as a classroom teacher. He was athletic director and head basketball coach for Palm Beach Atlantic University’s nationally-ranked basketball team, received the National Coach of the Year award, and has been a senior leader for successful business ventures.

Episode 96
Finding Your Tribe: Part 1

In this episode of the JCLP Banning and Becky discuss the importance of finding your tribe with worship leader Bryan Torwalt and Yari Sampson from Loving on Purpose.  Together they have an authentic conversation and give the JCLP listeners some practical tips on what they have done to find their tribe and what that it looks like in day to day life.


Episode 95
1 on 1 with Banning Liebscher: Rooted Book Discussion Part 2

All month long we are celebrating the release of Banning’s NEW book, Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You. On this episode Dean interviews Banning and digs deep into the principles that our important if we are going to thrive in the process as leaders.

Episode 94
Rooted: Embracing God's Process in Our Life Part 2

Welcome to the NEW format of the Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast! Hosted by Banning Liebscher and Becky Johnson, they sit down with Zack and Dean to discuss Banning’s new book that released May 3rd, Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You. Join us all month long as we celebrate and discuss Banning’s latest book.

Make sure you are taking advantage of all the resources at rootedbook.com