Episode 5
Empowering Those Around You

You’re not a good leader if you’re not empowering others around you. In this episode of the Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast, we dive into the issue of empowering others and how critical it is that as leaders, we are making others feel valued and empowered when they are around us. We talked about the difference empowering makes in the lives of those who are both being empowered and doing the empowering.

Episode 4
The Importance of Feedback

Feedback is crucial to growth but we have to be intentional about finding it. In this episode, we discuss what it looks like to open your life to feedback from those around you, how to be purposeful in getting feedback, and how to receive it in a way that will help you grow and move forward. As leaders, we should live our lives open to input from others and in this podcast we go over what that looks like practically and spiritually.

Episode 3

As leaders, we are called to serve. This is an important aspect in the life of every leader whether you’re just beginning or you’ve been in leadership for years. Serving positions us for breakthrough, promotion, and fully stepping into what God has for us. In this podcast, we discuss what it looks like to live a life of serving while being in leadership. Guest host, Chris Quilala, also joins us for this topic.

Episode 2

This second episode of Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast focuses on the topic of Brave Communication within teams. Communication is at the crux of leading, developing, and sustaining a strong team. Whether at work, in marriage, or other relationships, brave communication is the key to solving many small issues that can tend to distract or divide a team.

Episode 1

The very first episode of the Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast focuses on the issue of Community. Hear the vision for this podcast, meet the crew, listen to a clip from a recent sermon by Banning on community and learn why we think this is key ingredient for any leader’s life.