Episode 015
Episode 15: Sy Rogers

This week Banning is back from his Podcast hiatus. We have Lisa & John Beveres son, Arden on to talk about what he’s doing with his peers and play a clip from Sy Rogers that will not only challenge you but entertain you as well. All this an more this week on the Jesus Culture Podcast.

Episode 014
Episode 14: Banning Liebscher

This week we bring a familiar voice from the Jesus Culture Podcast past. Danny Silk is back to talk about boundaries and part two of Banning’s impactful message from our Encounter Sacramento conference.

Episode 013
Episode 13: Lisa Bevere

This week we have a guest co-host, Bryan Torwalt of Jesus Culture Music. Bryan and Becky catch us up on baby Torwalt’s arrival, what it’s like to play “old man” basketball with Banning, and then get into some important topics as we play a few impactful sessions from our Encounter Sacramento conference; a Q Pop-Up talk on loving strangers and Part 1 of Banning’s message.

Episode 012
Episode 12: Bill Johnson

On this episode we hear from Bill Johnson when he joined us at Encounter 2018. We are also inspired by our entrepreneurial friend who turned sugarcane waste into buildings. It’s our new norm to bring you resources so we interview Bethel Church counselor and pastor, Jason Vallotton, who developed a tool to help people walk into emotional freedom. All this and more this week on the Jesus Culture Podcast.

Episode 011
Episode 11: Phil Manginelli

On this episode we bring you incredible resources as we talk with Michael Brodeur, founder and CEO of Destiny Finder, a tool to help you discover and fulfill your God-given calling. We also introduce a new segment as we bring you clips from the Loving on Purpose Life Academy with Danny Silk. You’ll also hear a Q Pop-Up speaker from our Encounter conference. All this and more on the Jesus Culture Podcast.