Episode 1
Episode 1: Joyce Meyer

It’s here! The first episode of the new Jesus Culture Podcast! We are elated to bring you an inspiring episode as we interview world-renowned, international minister, Joyce Meyer. She shares powerfully and practically about her public and private life, anointing, and trusting God.

We also chat with Ben Cooley of Hope for Justice in our new segment, “People Doing the Stuff”. Tune in to hear what this once opera singer is now doing to save thousands of people from modern-day slavery.

Visit Hope for Justice to see how you can engage in this cause.

Check us out on Instagram and Twitter @jcpodcast for a chance to win a signed copy of Joyce Meyer’s latest book, ‘Unshakable Trust’.

Episode 08
Authentic You: What it Takes to Dream

‘Authentic You’ is now it’s own show on the Jesus Culture Podcast Network. After this episode, you won’t find it on this feed. Go subscribe to ‘Authentic You’ so you don’t miss an episode.

This month: What does it take to walk out your dreams? Hosts Seajay, Erika and Becky sit down with wife, mom, worship leader, and fashion blogger, Ruthie Ridley to discuss this question that’s so important for women everywhere.

Find more about Ruthie by checking out her blog at ruthieridley.com

Episode 160
Propaganda Bonus Episode

This week, we take a detour from our norm to bring you a Bonus Episode! Cody Williams sat down to do a segment with Propaganda and we liked it so much we decided to give you the interview in its entirety. Hear what Propaganda has to say about the Christian/political climate and his latest album, plus, how he feels he’s grown as an artist.

Christian rapper and poet Propaganda first became known as part of the pioneering underground rap collective the Tunnel Rats. Born Jason Petty, the Los Angeles-based musician adopted the stage name Propaganda early in his career.

Episode Authentic You
Knowing Ourselves

Authentic You is now it’s own Podcast on the Jesus Culture Podcast Network! Starting in November you won’t find it here under the Jesus Culture Podcast.  Go subscribe to “Authentic You” on its own!

In This episode, the girls are joined by guest, Alyssa Quilala for an in-depth discussion on knowing ourselves.

Alysss is a wife, mom, minister, and fitness instructor, married to Jesus Culture Worship Pastor, Chris Quilala. Join in on the fun as the ladies dive into this serious but light-hearted episode on the importance of knowing who we are, celebrating ourselves and being content with who God made us to be.

Episode 159
Prayer Q&A

In this week’s episode we wrap up our Prayer series by taking listener questions.  Listen in as Banning unpacks your questions and dives deeper into the topic of prayer covering everything from the practical to the spiritual side of things. 

Banning’s book recommendations: