Episode 5
Episode 5: Danny Silk

On episode 5 of the Jesus Culture Podcast, Banning and Becky sit down with relationship and communication expert Danny Silk for a conversation on managing ourselves, communicating our needs, and even how to deal with socially awkward people. We also have a bonus book interview with 4x Olympian, Kelly Clark, a word from Lisa Bevere, and plenty of that podcast banter we know you love.

Additional Show Notes:

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Be sure to follow Kelly on her journey to making her 5th Olympic team! Catch her on Instagram @TheKellyClark or check out her website kellyclarkfoundation.com.

Danny Silk & Loving on Purpose

www.lovingonpurpose.com or www.loplifeacademy.com

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Episode 4
Episode 4: Kim Walker-Smith

Happy New Year! We’re starting 2018 off right with our very own Kim Walker-Smith joining us for the first podcast of the year! We are beyond excited to sit down with Kim to talk about emotions, how to handle them, and what God has taught her about walking out a healthy and wholehearted lifestyle.

Another highlight of Episode 004 was the inspiring and challenging conversation held during our People Doing Stuff segment. During the segment, we had the privilege of talking with Pastor Randy Bohlender. Together with his wife, Kelsey they founded Zoe’s House Adoptions. They firmly believe that adoption is the next frontier of the pro-life movement. Randy shares the moment that sparked him to action while praying at the Supreme Court. You won’t want to miss this one!

Additional Show Notes:

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People Doing the Stuff Segment

Pastor Randy Bohlender and his wife, Kelsey have 10 children and live in Kansas City. They firmly believe that adoption is the next frontier of the pro-life movement. They founded Zoe’s House Adoptions, which promotes adoption as a positive alternative to abortion. Zoe’s House Adoptions was founded in the belief that children are a gift from God. As God-given gifts, they are to be nurtured, loved and cared for. Their faith is at the core of their work.  They deeply believe that the measure of true religion is how we care for children.


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Episode 3
Episode 3: Shawn Bolz

On the 3rd episode of the New Jesus Culture Podcast we have a conversation with Shawn Bolz about Gods heart for you, the church, the unsaved and how the prophetic gift in his life plays a part in all of it. Shawn is an author, a TV host, spiritual adviser, producer, and minister. Since he was in his teens, Shawn has been seen as a pioneer in ministry, including the prophetic movement, with a focus on having a genuine relationship with God. Listen in to find out how you can win a copy of his new book, “God Secrets”. Plus, Banning and Becky talk about what to do with those unwanted Christmas gifts!

Bolz Ministry: www.bolzministries.com

People Doing the Stuff Segment:

Andy Byrd and his wife, Holly, have dedicated their lives to spiritual awakening in a generation. They work with a group of life-long friends committed to consecrated community, Christ-centered living, revival, and cultural reformation. Andy is on the leadership team at the University of the Nations, YWAM Kona and has been with YWAM for 19 years.

Find Andy on social media @andybyrd1 or his school’s website www.fireandfragrance.com

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Episode 2
Episode 2: Scott Harrison

Jesus Culture Podcast episode two is here and it’s full of inspiring interviews as well as Banning and Becky’s thoughts on the Christmas season. Scott Harrison from charity: water shares his transformational story of going from a nightclub promoter to starting a movement that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. Since 2006, charity: water has funded more than 24,500 water projects around the world to help 7.3 million people get access to clean water, hygiene and improved sanitation. Learn how you can partner with this great cause by visiting www.charitywater.org/jesusculture

Also in this episode, Pastor Darren Whitehead talks about his book with worship artist Christ Tomlin called “Holy Roar”. They dive into the question “what does it mean to praise God?”

Catch it all on our second episode of JCP!

Episode 1
Episode 1: Joyce Meyer

It’s here! The first episode of the new Jesus Culture Podcast! We are elated to bring you an inspiring episode as we interview world-renowned, international minister, Joyce Meyer. She shares powerfully and practically about her public and private life, anointing, and trusting God.

We also chat with Ben Cooley of Hope for Justice in our new segment, “People Doing the Stuff”. Tune in to hear what this once opera singer is now doing to save thousands of people from modern-day slavery.

Visit Hope for Justice to see how you can engage in this cause.

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