Music Spotlight - Episode 61 House Fires II

HOUSEFIRES is a group of musicians from Atlanta, Ga. who pursue authentic worship of God. Their hope is that their songs would spark fires that burn bright in ordinary houses all over the world.

Music Spotlight - Episode 59 Empires

Expected Release: May 26, 2015

Music Spotlight - Episode 57 This Is Jesus Culture

The 12 BIGGEST worship songs from Jesus Culture including: Your Love Never Fails, How He Loves, Unstoppable Love and 2 NEW live recordings Agnus Dei and Show Me Your Glory led by Chris Quilala and Kim Walker-Smith.

Music Spotlight - Episode 55 Real Love

Real Love is the debut release for Jesus Culture Music artist, Derek Johnson. Featuring 12 original tracks, Derek uses his own journey into the redemptive love of Jesus, as well as his passion for message-driven songwriting to share his hope in the God of real authentic love. Unhindered in its focus to communicate, this album's core is worship. This album is an easy fit for your Sunday morning set-list or your personal devotion while being a beckoning call to those still searching for real love.

Music Spotlight - Episode 53 Love Ran Red

Chris Tomlin lives up to his renown as one of Christian music’s most accomplished and influential talents on Love Ran Red. The veteran worship artist broadens his sonic palette with forays into elegantly minimalist pop (“Boundary Lines”) and engaging gospel-funk (“The Table”) while deepening his Scripture-informed lyric content. Tomlin remains a humble, eloquent hymnist with a gift for distilling spiritual verities into modern form, as tunes like “At the Cross (Love Ran Red)” and “Psalm 100” reveal. “Waterfall” and “Fear Not” catch him at his most radio-friendly, while “In the End” grandly reaffirms the album’s central theme of redemptive love.