Episode 2
Authentic You - The Power of Belonging

Authentic You. A podcast brought to you by the women of Jesus Culture. On our second episode SeaJay, Becky and Erika discuss the power of belonging, finding your tribe, and realizing God didn’t make a mistake when He made us. Tune in and hear the full message from Pastor Kris Vallotton that he spoke at the Jesus Culture Sacramento Women’s Gathering.

Episode 144
Being Free: Part 1

Listen in as Banning, Becky, Laura, and Zack discuss Rebekah Lyons’ message from Encounter Conference 2017. The team shares how the message impacts them and illustrates the beauty of how we can be fully free thanks to what Jesus did for us!

Episode 143
Traits of a Leader: Empowerment

This week, as we close out our month-long series, Traits of a Good Leader, we’re focusing in on empowering others. Tune in as Becky and Banning challenge what standard leadership looks like while reminding you that you have what it takes to lead an empowered team.

Episode 142
Traits of a Leader: Security

This week on the JCLP we continue our Traits of a Healthy Leader series. Becky and Banning get to the heart of where our security should be found. Listen in and challenge yourself to be rooted and motivated from a healthy place.

Episode 141
Traits of a Leader: Personal Vision & Growth

We are taking the month of April and discussing key values and traits that make an effective leader. In this episode of the JCLP Banning, Becky and Dean dive into what it takes to have true personal vision for yourself. Listen in and fuel your leadership life!