Episode 131
1 on 1 with Banning: Shawn Bolz Part 1

This month’s 1 on 1 is with one of our favorite people, Shawn Bolz. What Shawn has to say about being in culture, hostile environments, and being an influence is a great compliment to last month’s discussion with Dave Gibbons. Shawn shares with such authenticity about his experience and what he has learned about destiny and calling. So grab a pen and take some notes from this episode of the JCLP.

Episode 130
1 on 1 with Banning: Dave Gibbons Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our conversation with Dave Gibbons, Pastor, Author, and Founder of Xealots. Last week he explored the subjects of love and pain. This week he and Banning will discuss how leaders can stay engaged in a shifting culture. We aren’t to fight it but artfully flow in it. Don’t miss this insightful discussion.

Episode 129
1 on 1 with Banning: Dave Gibbons Part 1

We have the opportunity to share with you this month an exciting conversation with Dave Gibbons. He’s a pastor, author, and founder of Xealots. This week he explores the subjects of love and pain. You don’t want to miss this insightful discussion!

Episode 128
Decrease to Increase: Part 2

Jesus Culture’s very own, Derek Johnson and Ruthie Ridley, join us again as we unpack this powerful message, “Decrease to Increase” by Dean Deguara. Stay tuned so you don’t miss this month’s author interview featuring Pastor Mark Batterson and his new book “Chase the Lion”.

Episode 127
Decrease to Increase: Part 1

Hello 2017! In this month’s Music Spotlight, David Crowder says that everything we do ON the platform is really an authentic REPRESENTATION of who we are OFF the platform. David Crowder and Skyler Smith talk music, inspiration, and authenticity in this episode. Plus our very own Derek Johnson and Ruthie Ridley (new voice on our next Jesus Culture album) join Banning and Becky to discuss some of the practicalities of the prophetic and dig a little deeper into our highlight message by Dean Deguara.