Episode 123
1 on 1 with Banning: Pete Greig Part 1

We had some of our favorite friends from across the pond join us for this week’s JCLP. So sit back grab a cup of cocoa! Matt Redman is going to unpacks what it was like writing his first Christmas Album and how mystery is so much better than magic and Pete Greig talks success, prayer, leadership, and life.



Episode 122
Bonus Episode: Leading in Culture Part 1

Enjoy this week our most listened to Podcast episode, “Leading in Culture: Part 1.” If you heard this before pull out some new notes from this episode we would love to hear your thoughts on social media. If you have never heard this episode we hope you find it encouraging. Original air date: 10/16/15

Episode 121
Healing: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our topic on healing and the second part of Chris Gore’s message. But first Banning got the chance to talk with Bill Johnson and discuss his new book God is Good.

Episode 120
1 on 1 with Banning: Ken Costa Part 2

You don’t want to miss this one on one interview with Banning and Ken Costa. Ken Costa has been leading in culture for many years. He is the founder and author of God at Work and Know your Why with over 40 years experience in the Financial Sector. His message to lead and know Jesus right where you are is something the JCLP is passionate about sharing with our listeners!

Episode 119
Healing: Part 1

This week we dive into the subject of healing, listen to part 1 of Chris Gore speaking on the subject of healing, and also have an amazing interview with Lincoln Brewster. So listen, take notes, and enjoy this weeks Jesus Culture Leadership Podcast.