Episode 111
JCLA Highlights: Part 1

JCLA was 3 days filled with amazing speakers that poured out what has been placed on their heart from the Lord and where people came from all over to worship and encounter Jesus. Join us this month as we give you a glimpse into what went on at our last Jesus Culture LA conference.

Episode 110
1 on 1 With Banning: Dann Farrelly Part 1

This month’s featured Leader on our 1 on 1 with Banning is Dan Farrelly. He is the author of Brave Communication and one of the Senior team staff leaders at Bethel Church in Redding Ca. This month he will be discussing with us the different leadership styles.

Episode 109
5th Week Special Edition Podcast

Dean Deguara and Kandice Hanes have taken over the 5th Wednesday Podcast and are bringing you one of our JCLA sessions. Nate Edwards, founder and pastor of the Stirring Church brings a timely word about knowing your “When.” So kick back and enjoy this kick off to Septembers JCLA highlights.

Episode 108
A Passion for Growth: Part 2

Banning gets together this month with Sheri Silk, Cody Williams, and Jessica Gilstrap and talk growth. They dive in to some of the key things we need to establish in our lives to have growth, such as trust. You don’t want to miss this important conversation! Listen to Banning and Lisa discuss some of the important issues she writes about in her new Book, Without Rival.

Episode 107
1 on 1 with Banning: Lou Engle Part 2

Banning has the honor of interviewing one of our favorite leaders, Lou Engle. Banning says there are some people that just inspire you to love God more and Lou is one of those people. Please join us as Lou unpacks a little bit of his journey and answers some leadership questions.