Episode 154
Podcast Replay - Finding Your Tribe Part 1

This week we journey back in time and bring you one of our most popular episodes, Finding Your Tribe Part 1. Hear from Jesus Culture worship artist, Bryan Torwalt, and other guests as they discuss what choosing community looks like. You’ll also hear a deep and challenging message from Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Redding. Plus a sneak peak into next week’s “Authentic You” episode. You are not gonna wanna miss this archived episode.

Original Episode #96 Aired June 1, 2016


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Episode 153
Hope in Action

This week we talk about what hope in action looks like in our lives with specific examples we’ve seen of hope in Europe. Special guest from the UK, Pastor Phill Smith, joins in on the discussion. We know that you’ll feel inspired and hopeful after this episode.

Additionally, Banning sifts through a few thoughts on the recent evil and racist issues surrounding our nation and the Charlottesville events.

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Episode 5
Authentic You: When the Ugly Comes Back

This month on Authentic You, A podcast brought to you by the women of Jesus Culture, SeaJay, Becky & Erika discuss “When the Ugly Comes Back”. Listen in as they talk through what to do when things you’ve had victory over in the past poke their ugly head back up in your life. Whether its anxiety, self-doubt, over-eating, self-worth, marital issues, or any number of real life struggles, this honest discussion will remove shame, make you laugh, and gives you practical advice on how to move past those temporal ugly moments.

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Episode 152
1 on 1 with Banning: Lisa Bevere

For this weeks One on One, one of Jesus Culture Sacramento’s pastors, Kate Bagley, sits down with Lisa Bevere for an in-depth interview.  Lisa is an author, speaker, mother and grandmother. She and husband, John Bevere, run Messenger International, an organization committed to developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform our world. In this rich discussion, Lisa shares her heart, history, and passions.

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Get the first two chapters of ‘Without Rival’, Lisa’s latest book at http://withoutrival.com/

Beveres’ Ministry: http://www.messengerinternational.org

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Episode 151
Life and Leadership Talk with Mack Brock

This week Banning Liebscher and Becky Johnson sit down for a chat with a talented song writer and music producer, Mack Brock, formerly of Elevation Worship. They dive into life, leadership the importance of community as we journey through our life as believers and leaders.

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