JC Move: Jesus Culture is moving to Sacramento!

Letter from Banning

As many of you may have already heard, Jesus Culture is moving to the Sacramento area! This news was formally announced at our local church Bethel a few weeks ago.

When we originally announced that Bethel was sending us to Sacramento, we were purposefully vague in some of the details. The purpose of this letter is to begin to fill in details and answer any questions you may have as well as continue to share our heart about the move. Many people have had questions about our move and while we don’t have all of the answers yet, we will begin to fill in details as they develop and unfold by posting regular updates.

We have been so encouraged by all we have heard God is doing in the Sacramento area. The testimonies of unity among the churches and the passion for revival in Sacramento are significant for what God intends to do and is doing in the nation. Our desire in everything we do is to be a blessing to existing churches and ministries in the Sacramento area and we are committed to working closely with all the churches and ministries of this region as we establish our ministry and church in Sacramento.

We have been committed to the local church here in Redding, CA for the past 18 years and serving and supporting local churches both in America and internationally has always been one of the main focuses of our ministry. Because of this dedication to the local church, our hearts resonated with what God was speaking to us about planting a local expression of Jesus Culture. We believe God wants to see cities transformed and campuses impacted through the local church and we are investing everything we have in seeing that happen. As we
have been connecting with pastors across Sacramento our hearts have been loved by the stirring of transformation already happening in that region.

Here are a few details of our upcoming move:
• Our move will begin this summer, when Bethel church will formally
send out my family and a number of our staff and families as the initial
pioneering team.
• Other staff will gradually move over the following months
• Our plan is to center our ministry along the Hwy 50 corridor.
• We will set up our new offices later this summer and begin church meetings sometime next year.
• We will continue to mobilize nationally with Jesus Culture through events, music, and the Culture Project during this time and in the future as we plant the local church.

We will be sending out periodic updates as our plans unfold and have set up a website where we will be posting new information.

As always, we greatly appreciate and need your prayers. Thank you for partnering with us to see the Sacramento area impacted for Jesus and a generation of revivalists mobilized around the world to see cities saved and
nations transformed.

Banning Liebscher
Jesus Culture Director

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