Fabulous Friday June 6th

Wahoo! Fabulous Friday begins! Aren’t you SO excited!!? Oh, you don’t know what “Fabulous Friday” is? Sorry, let us fill you in. We’re super excited for our summer conferences coming up. There are still spots open for you to register and we wanted to, how you say, “sweeten the pot” for you. So from now until our last Jesus Culture Conference of the summer (which is in Atlanta) every Friday will be…you guessed it…Fabulous Friday! We’ll give you a code and when you use it to register, you’ll get some additional goodies. This Friday the code is for Jesus Culture Conference Minneapolis. Register with the code “FF1” and get an Unstoppable Love BluRay! Hurry up and register, the code is valid for 100 registrants only. Register now! Stayed tuned for the next Fabulous Friday deal and have a good weekend. See you in Minneapolis!

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