Two Ingredients For Developing Healthy Leaders

I have a passion for leaders. Those who have embraced the call to influence the world around them for God are the people I want to hang out with. One of the greatest privileges I have is investing in leaders. The vision to see cities and nations transformed by the power and love of God lights me up. Leaders are part of the brilliant plan of God to see worldwide transformation. For whatever reason, Jesus chose those who have experienced His saving grace to disciple nations. I don’t just get excited about seeing leaders raised up. I believe in another pursuit after influence and leadership. What ignites my heart is seeing healthy leaders raised up because healthy leaders reproduce healthy environments.

As Christians, we are on a daily journey of growing in the Lord. Of seeing our lives become more and more like Him. It’s hard sometimes but it’s the joy of our lives to obey the One who became broken so that we could be whole. This is why I am 100% committed to the local church. I believe one of the main mandates of the local church is to raise up leaders who are sent into the city to see healing and not just physically but societal healing..

Local church is the vehicle for revival in a city.

In my study of Scripture and as I’ve walked with God for the last twenty years, I have become convinced that healthy leaders come from two places: the Presence of God and community. The church is a place where people gather to encounter the Presence of God and His family.. As we corporately gather in worship and the Word, we encounter His Presence. And it’s His Presence that begins to transform our lives to look more like Jesus. It’s His presence that changes us. He heals wounds, breaks shame, reveals His love, strips us of our selfishness, exposes lies we have believed, speaks identity, and a myriad of other things. This is the beauty of His Presence.. It is here that my life finds meaning and fulfillment. The church gathering is not the only place to encounter His Presence, but there is something unique and special that happens when His family gathers to worship and be equipped from His Word. As we are with others who are pursuing God and who have a heart for Jesus, it stirs within us a greater love for Him and it pushes us to continue to go deeper in our walk with God. In His Presence and in His family we find the power and love needed to be healthy leaders – to love, live, and lead as Jesus did. At Jesus Culture we have a passion for His presence. It is top priority. There is nothing more important. We are going after a culture where we encounter the Presence of God daily.

Healthy leaders are birthed in the midst of community. I don’t believe you can grow to your full potential if you live in isolation. At Jesus Culture we are on a mission to get people connected to the family of God in community. I would not fully be able to tackle the issue of community in one article, but throughout Scripture we are called to live in close relationship with others. It’s the family of God that is used to shape us, challenge us, disciple us, and call us to be like Jesus. I’ve seen it first-hand countless times; community brings invaluable grace, strength, and freedom to grow like nothing else does. I warn young leaders constantly to beware of independence and isolation. Find community. Open your life to others.

God places us in a family and then uses that family to grow us in the most beautiful ways.

Since I was seventeen years old, I have been gripped by the call to disciple nations. As I have run hard after God these past twenty years, I can honestly say that the Presence of God and community have radically touched every of my life that is healthy and thriving. This is the journey we are on at Jesus Culture Sacramento and I believe leaders who embrace the call to these two keys, God’s Presence and community, will surely transform their city and furthermore, the nations of the earth.

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