Come To Brazil!!

On every Instagram and Facebook post we make you will find, “Come to Brazil” comments. Brazil is persistent!

We’ve been so excited planning this run of events and we are excited to OFFICIALLY announce Jesus Culture One Nights Brazil 2015. Four of these nights are Jesus Culture One Nights and two of them will be the Jesus Culture band and Pastor Banning Liebscher joining conferences going on in the area.

You’ve asked. We’ve listened.

Tickets On Sale Now!

Porto Alegre
Rio de janeiro
Belo Horizante
Sao Jose do Rio Preto
Sao Paulo


Wait, what is a Jesus Culture One Night?
Jesus Culture One Nights are gatherings to seek the Lord with all of our heart and encounter Jesus. The night consists of worship, prayer, ministry, and preaching. These events feature the Jesus Culture band leading worship and director of Jesus Culture, Pastor Banning Liebscher, preaching and ministering

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