In Pursuit of the Normal Christian Life

Imagine a simplified church with the purpose of equipping people to see the Kingdom multiplied among us. In a culture that caters to the consumer we have decided in our hearts to go against the grain and opt for creating a culture for the committed. A culture that exalts God’s presence over performance, emphasizes living life from community instead of doing life alone, and gathering together to become the church instead of just going to church.

At Jesus Culture Sacramento we are in pursuit of what we are calling the normal Christian life! We are encouraging people that “nothing is impossible”, we are telling them to create community around them and we are asking them to contribute to their family every week.

We desire that our lives will reflect this NEW normal. Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like for us.

The normal Christian life is a supernatural life.
Your new normal will be a life believing for the impossible. You will begin to understand that the supernatural is not just for the super spiritual. As you experience God’s extreme love for you and others, signs and wonders will confirm His goodness and extravagant love towards you. You will long to see heaven come to earth as you contend to see God’s Kingdom come! Your new normal will be from a position of knowing that, with God, all things are possible.

The normal Christian life is cultivated in community.
Community is easy to talk about, but it is harder to walk out. At first, your new normal may be challenging when seeking to do life together with others in the context of community. It’s not easy and it can be awkward at times, but your new normal will be practical and intentional. No longer will you be waiting for others to find you, but you will be looking for those waiting to be found. You will be a creator of community and not just a consumer of it. You will invite new people into your home, set a date for coffee with future friends, go on a playdate at the park with other moms, host a family BBQ, or make reservations for couples at your favorite restaurant downtown. Your new normal will be deliberate in doing life with others.

The normal Christian life is a life lived contributing.
When you begin serving others, personal fulfillment and satisfaction are experienced in the normal Christian life. Your sacrifice and obedience to serve and not be served is the gateway to express your gifts and talents to so that you can impact the lives of other people. Your life will be rewarded when you choose not to sit back and relax, letting others do all the work. When you are serving, you will be sowing into your new family. Your new normal will be a life filled with joyful contribution.

Here at JC Sacramento we are in pursuit of this NEW NORMAL. We know we are not taking an easy path, but we have a common understanding as we go down this road less traveled, the future church we see will become a reality and so will the normal Christian life.

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