There's No One Like You

So often in our society we are encouraged to conform; to bow to the all-consuming trend. Not in the Kingdom of God. We bow to Him but not at the expense of who we are because He created who we are so strategically and necessary to the Kingdom of God. Think about it! No one on this earth of over seven billion people is exactly like you. God made you perfectly unique and that was on purpose. Even identical twins will not have the same life experiences or exact same path.

When I first started working at Jesus Culture I struggled with fitting in and feeling like an asset to the organization. I looked around at all these renown and impactful people and asked myself, “How could I possibly measure up?”. God didn’t want me to measure up. He wanted me to be all that I am in this organization because He put me here and that meant that they needed who I am. And in turn I needed them. I do not have the same title as others in this organization but I am still called to be who I am and give what I have within the influence that I’ve been given. We cannot allow ourselves to be defined by a title, status, or reputation because all that we are cannot possibly be defined by those aspects. Imagine if Martin Luther King, Jr. decided he was going to continue to allow himself to be defined by the popular opinion of his day. What if he had bowed to conformity? Thankfully he didn’t. He stepped out of the trend and embraced his true identity and ultimately re-defined an entire people group allowing himself and countless others to walk in their true identity.

This shift in thinking has to happen in order for you to become all that God has called you to. If you continuously measure yourself up against someone else you will fall short every single time. Your life was not meant for comparison and replication. God has something so unique and specific to bring through your life of destiny.

So how do you walk that out? This means bringing yourself fully to every aspect of your life. If you have a habit of shying away or you tend not to speak up, maybe it’s time to step out and speak up. Maybe you’re in such a habit of mimicking others that you haven’t really tapped into who YOU are and what YOU have to give.

Our Senior Pastor, Banning, always talks about our community as a family at Thanksgiving. We all contribute. It’s time for you to bring who you are to the table in whatever influence God has given you. We certainly need you and value you. We value your expertise in business or your ability to work with children. We value your heart for prayer or your encouraging nature. We value your life experience or your ability to relate to all types of people. We need you! Your job needs you! Your family needs you! Because God has placed you where you are for a great purpose.

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