More Than a Name

“We anticipated the day of being able to connect with a local body of believers since our move to California from the east coast in 2012. The decision to attend Jesus Culture Sacramento has far exceeded our hopes and dreams. From the opening day in September, our hearts have been deeply touched and cared for tremendously. Every time we come, there has been someone who greets us and asks us how we are doing. The love is real here. It’s the simple things that have impacted us. When Pastor Banning shared the vision of the church, it went straight to our hearts. He made it clear by saying, “We lead in the city and contribute in a family.”

The focus on relationships has done it for us. Here, we are more than a name, this is a place to be known. After attending an Elements course, which I highly recommend, we were given a great opportunity to choose a place to serve. My two daughters, Rebecca and Victoria, and I chose to serve in the Children’s Ministry named Game Changers. Rebecca says, ” I look forward to serving in the nursery and checking the kids in. I always feel happy when I am at Jesus Culture Sacramento. I receive so many positive compliments which make my day. I love this place.” Victoria enjoys working with the children as well as seeing many people healed. Even my mother came to visit the church and was significantly impacted when the Game Changers volunteers prayed and prophesied over her. Here, we are hugged and smiled at constantly and affirmed in our identity as children of God. It is hard not to love it here because they make you want to come back. Even though I’ve said it many times, this is genuine. We have found a place to be challenged to grow, grow, and grow. Since coming to JC Sacramento, I haven’t been called a leader more in my life. We love the vision Pastor Banning and the team has to raise up leaders and flood Sacramento and beyond with them.

This has been a place where dreams come true. One special dream came true for my oldest daughter, Jessica, who won a educational scholarship to study the architecture and history of Paris for ten days. We found so many to pray and celebrate this new adventure with her. My daughter is so grateful and has chosen to serve on the greeting team. My wonderful husband, Derrick, serves with the setup and tear down team and says, “Jesus Culture Sacramento is an exciting place to be. I am greatly impacted by the life-filled worship and preaching. I am also challenged to grow closer to God and His people.” It is an honor and joy to grow, serve, and do life together for the glory of God.” – The Hardy Family

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