From Shortage to Abundance

“I started attending JC Sacramento nearly 7 months ago, just 3 weeks after my husband was called home, to dwell in the presence of the Lord. After going through something like this, I knew I needed God’s embrace more than ever. I needed a special encounter with Him. I heard about this church through a friend which led me to look up the JC Sacramento website and there, smack dab in the middle, were the words “Encountering God.”

Needless to say, I began attending. It didn’t take long before I began to experience an incredible relationship with Jesus in this difficult season. God began to speak to me in supernatural ways. Ways I had never heard Him before. I had asked for a supernatural encounter and He was not letting me down. I was getting words of knowledge from people I didn’t know. Specific signs were showing up constantly that were without a doubt from God. I remember the first Sunday I attended church, Banning spoke from the story of the widow and Elijah. I mean, come on!

Week in and week out, the Lord kept pouring out His love and peace over me. The series, “The Word of the Lord,” reminded me of the power of having my roots deep in Scripture.

One of the first areas that God began working in my life was that of tithes and offerings. At 28 years old, I didn’t have a plan for if this “unthinkable” thing were ever to happen; yet I found myself there, with only a quarter of the income it took to run a household and business. However, I knew that my Father was THE Provider and that regardless of my circumstance I was to be obedient. I began to faithfully tithe knowing that I needed every penny I was giving. I also wanted to honor the memory of my husband with being faithful to the Lord in the most difficult times, as he has diligently taught me.

I can’t begin to express what the Lord has done for me in the area of finances. He took me from shortage to abundance. I remember getting “random” checks in the mail from people I hardly knew. I was astonished when people would come up to me and hand me cash and remind me how much Jesus loved me. God not only provided the finances to cover needs, but also guided me to make smart business decisions to continue to enjoy His blessings.

I am here to declare that God is good, always. In the middle of the great despair, He swoops in and gives me the most incredible hugs, unfathomable peace and unending love.” – Priscilla Pacheco

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