The Only Explanation

“I have always believed that every life event has a reason and a lesson. We may not understand it right away, but if we pay attention, we can see all the miracles unfold right before our eyes.

Approximately a year ago I was having a series of test performed by my doctors and some tests came back with the diagnosis, “Malignant Neo Plasm of the Lungs, Esophagus and Thyroid”. The saddened and disparaging look on my doctors face as he breathed the words, “Stage 4 Cancer” didn’t seem to have a profound effect on me. I wasn’t scared. I felt relatively calm. I am not sure if it was denial, my faith, or something else. It didn’t become real until I started sharing the news. I had to make some decisions, get my affairs in order. How would my husband cope? How would my children survive this loss? Somehow there has to be a bigger plan. I had faith that He somehow had a reason; whatever it was!

My husband and I decided to go to the Jesus Culture Conference at The Sacramento Memorial Auditorium. It was there that we learned that a church was forming in Sacramento and we felt drawn to attend. We found that it was fresh and exciting like what was happening in our youth during the Jesus Movement. Having grown up in the church during the infancy of the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard movements and watching God work through music and song, we felt at home here.

We were praying for God to heal this cancer and we had the prayer team at Jesus Culture pray for the cancer… some weeks following, there was a woman who shared that she had a dream about cancer, in the dream she saw an angel and the angel said, “Pray again”. My husband said, “We must go back and have them pray again”. So we went back and asked for prayer again. One of the women that prayed placed her hand over my head and then followed the profile of my body. She stepped back and said, “Whoa! ” It was then that my husband and I felt the Holy Spirit come over us and much weeping ensued. The woman said, “Father, we ask that the doctors will soon marvel what happened to the cancer and how could this be possible.” We believed in our hearts that a miracle had taken place and that the cancer would be gone; however, my husband remarked, “I wouldn’t be missing anything down here!”

A couple of weeks later, I was summoned to the doctor’s office. The doctor seemed to have a puzzled look on his face, but his face was shining with a different sort of countenance. His words echoed the prophecy word for word as he explained how he has never seen cancer like this disappear. I said, “I believe that God removed it” and his words were, “This is the only explanation!”.

The doctor’s office insisted that I come back monthly to make sure that the cancer is gone and to this day it has never been detected again. God is good.” – Shawna Hailey

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