Prayer That Causes Action

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In other words, if you throw a ball at a brick wall that ball is going to bounce off that wall and come back to you. Action causes action. This is what we are looking for when we pray. One of the most powerful actions in the universe is prayer. Therefore, true prayer must produce and cause action. It’s time we become unsatisfied with anything less then our prayers resulting in action! There are two types of action our prayers should produce.

First: God must be moved to action by our prayers.

For since the beginning of the world men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen any God besides You, who acts for the one who waits for Him. - Isaiah 64:4

God is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him. - Lamentations 3:25

Let’s say it like this, “God is moved to action by those who seek Him.” That’s incredible! It’s prayer that ‘awakens’ God to move in our city and in our lives. It’s prayer that pierces the heavens and gets God’s attention. So we pray, believing that the God we serve loves to show up in response to our prayers. In fact, I believe God is eager to show up but He is looking for people to move Him. One of the members at our church had a vision one day of God on the popular game show The Price is Right. If you’ve ever seen The Price is Right, then you’ll know who Rod Roddy is. Rod has the job of being the announcer on the set of the game show. His main responsibility is to announce the next contestant who gets the opportunity to come out of the audience and play the game. He draws a name and then in a dramatic fashion says, “Robert Jones, come on down you’re the next contestant on The Price is Right!” Right before Rod says those famous words, everybody in the audience is on the edge of their seat hoping he calls their name. Then when Rod says the name of the next contestant that person jumps out of their seat and runs down the aisle to play the game. Daniel saw God just like a contestant on The Price is Right. He saw God on the edge of His seat eagerly waiting for someone to call His name so He can show up! What an amazing picture. God is eager and willing to respond to our prayers. We must begin to call on His name and believe He is moved to action by our prayers.

A few years ago the youth groups in our county decided to pray and fast for forty days for revival in our city. So we gathered the youth groups in the county and challenged them to participate in what we called “Forty Day PUSH.” For 40 days they prayed, fasted various things, read their Bible, and evangelized through acts of service. It was an amazing time where over 1,000 youth were involved in praying for their friends to be saved and their city to be impacted. One of the stories that came out of that time is a great example of God being moved to action. John (name changed) had been reaching out to his unsaved friend Sam (name changed) for years. Sam was an athlete who loved to party and live life how he wanted to. John was successful in getting Sam to come to church but Sam would just sit in the back with his arms folded and an attitude that was hard to the Gospel. John was one of the students who decided to participate in the Forty Day PUSH. Just a few days into the fast something incredible happened. Sam walked up to John one day and said, “I want to know how to be saved.” John couldn’t believe it! Here was Sam who never even acted like he was interested in Jesus asking him how to get saved. John’s prayers had caused God to be moved to action in Sam’s life that resulted in Sam’s salvation. That’s what we need. We need God to begin to move in our midst. We need the heavens to open and God to become active in our cities. Things that are impossible begin to happen because God is moved to action by our prayers.

Second: Our prayers must move us to action. Mark 3 tells the story of Jesus calling His disciples. In the passage we see the first reason why He called the disciples was so they might “be with Him.” That’s the first call of prayer: to “be with Jesus.” But the result of the disciples being with Jesus was they were sent to preach the Gospel with power. We must not be satisfied with our prayer meetings unless there is a sending that happens once we’ve been with Jesus. Our prayer life must result in our lives demonstrating God in power and love. Too many times we continually ask God to do what He has already commissioned us to do. Our prayer meetings become huddles that never require movement from us. Many times God responds to our prayers by equipping and empowering us to be the very answers to our prayers. But in order for those prayers to be answered we must be moved to action. God has anointed us with the Holy Spirit for a reason: so impossible situations will bow the knee to Jesus. The Bible says that the Heavens belong to God and the earth belongs to man; we need to take responsibility over what is ours. Some students from our group began to catch this vision for their campus. They began to feel a new sense of responsibility for their campus and decided to do something about it. So ever day at lunch they moved into action. Mondays they gathered at the flagpole and prayed for their campus. Tuesday through Thursday they walked the campus personally praying for students. Friday they attended Christian Club. The testimonies that came from theses students moving into action were incredible. Students they prayed for received healing. The Lord released prophetic dreams for students they were ministering to. It was so noticeable that teachers began to come up to them and ask for prayer.

If we’re not careful, our prayers can become cries for revival in the distant future not doorways to revival in the present. Jesus gave us authority over demons, sickness, disease and darkness so we could bring His reality to earth right now. But our prayers must move us to action if that authority is to manifest. Jesus was very clear that the Kingdom of God is at hand–it is within arms’ reach. While we must continue to have prayer meetings where we cry out for God’s Kingdom to show up, there must be times when we step out and see God’s Kingdom show up through our lives. Those two things go hand in hand. If we will begin to step out and be active with our faith in our city, we will begin to see what we are praying for happen. It’s time we laid hands on the sick, prophesied over the hopeless and brought people around us into a God encounter. Not in the future, but today. We must become the very answer to what we are praying for. We must be moved to action when we pray.

It’s God being moved to action and us being moved to action that will result in revival in our city. Both things must happen if we are to see the things we are praying for happen.

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