Slow is Fast

Jesus effectively multiplied Himself before He departed the earth. The 12 thought they were the coolest 12 people EVER! Their small group was changing the world and their small group leader was a rock star! Little did they know that their “rock star” small group leader was about to leave the building. As disappointed as they were, they had no idea how truly brilliant and strategic Jesus was, but Paul did. Paul would go on to encourage Timothy and us to never despise the day of small beginnings!

When we started our ministry on the University of Houston a few years ago, we heeded Paul’s encouragement to slow down as hard as it was. We started with a handful of students and laid a foundation. The thing about foundations are that they take time! LOTS OF TIME! We had a great visual reminder of this because our university had just began a massive expansion process as we were pioneering our ministry. After much time, all we could see were holes in the ground all over the University of Houston. I inquired what was taking so long and one university official made it known that they were laying the foundations. Once the foundation was laid, it seemed like the building came up overnight! The Lord spoke to my heart and confirmed how important yet slow building the kingdom of God through people can be.  The promise is, once the foundation is laid, the building will go up FAST!!! That was 3 years ago and today, that handful of students has turned into 150 students attending our weekly meetings and small groups are reaching out every night of the week all over campus! New students that just receiveChrist are approaching our leaders, “Can we meet one on one?”  Discipleship is now a part of our culture. It’s not even something we need to preach about! The best thing about this BRILLIANT strategy of the King is that our disciples make disciples that make disciples! The kingdom of God can advance incredibly fast when ministry does not get bottle necked at the top!  Move slow and don’t despise the day of small beginnings. Take time to be a father or mother to a few and the family of God will advance so fast your head will spin.

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