Jesus Culture New York Album

Last year, God called us to Chicago to empower and release a generation that would bring transformation to our nation and the rest of the world. During this event, we experienced three days of passionate worship, powerful teaching and amazing ministry. On the final night, we stood in awe, as fourteen thousand fully engaged followers of Jesus, spontaneously worshiped Him for almost twenty minutes. The ongoing testimonies from these participants and the tens of thousands who watched online, confirmed to us God’s presence and power was released that day in a phenomenal way to mark a generation.

This Year, God took things to a new level and called us to gather again in two of the most influential cities in the world: New York and Los Angeles.

Our summer began with New York. We had the absolute honor and privilege to partner with Martin Smith, former lead singer for ‘Delirious?’ and someone who has fathered the worship movement of this generation with great impact. For the past few years, the Lord has brought our two paths together and we were thrilled to have him at our Jesus Culture Conference in New York. Our own Chris Quilala and Kim Walker-Smith led the main worship sessions with Martin. The passion and hunger that came forth in those sets was indescribable and we are excited to be releasing this album that captured many of those moments.

We were also joined by Kristene DiMarco, Byran and Katie Torwalt, and Derek Johnson for worship. At each set, the arena was filled with the sound of worshipping hearts set on fire for God.

Jesus Culture Live from New York is out now!

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