New Album Stream Party

Our new album, Jesus Culture with Martin Smith: Live From New York comes out on Tuesday!!! We’ve been so excited about this release, we’ve hardly stopped talking about it. We’ve given away a free track, showed you behind the album videos, had live Q&A sessions on Twitter with Kim and Chris, done a giveaway and now to celebrate the release of the album we are hosting a live web stream party with the Jesus Culture team and Banning Liebscher!

We want you to tune in and celebrate with us, hear more fun stories about the album, and hear about our team’s special Thanksgiving plans! PLUS — it gets better — if you ask a question on Twitter with the hashtag #askJesusCulture or ask a question on our Facebook page and we pick your question to answer you win a SIGNED COPY OF THE NEW ALBUM!

Okay, so now you REALLY want to join us, right? Like, you have to put it in your calendar right now! Tuesday November 20th at 11:30am PST. Go to and the live web stream will be going. Then we ask for your questions, make sure you submit!

What do I do in the mean time???

Get your question in now to @jesusculture with the hashtag #askJesusCulture

Like our Facebook page so you see the post on Tuesday at

The stream party is over! You can watch it on youtube here

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