21 Days of Fasting and Praying

Have you ever dreamed about seeing your whole campus or city transformed? For 21 days, we are going to introduce you to 21 revivalists who impacted students, schools, and the world in dramatic ways. God uses ordinary people to bring about incredible encounters and outpourings of His Spirit.

For years all over the world, radical believers founded universities in order to raise up Spirit-filled leaders and see the Kingdom of God continue for future generations. At one point in time, Ivy League schools like Harvard and Princeton trained their students to become ministers and world-class leaders both in society and the Church. Faith in God was once the normal response to the world’s most difficult questions, and universities pointed people to His higher truth as the best answer. God used schools this way in the past—He can do it again.

Start with Day 1:

Martin Luther lived in a society much like the one we live in today—it was resistant to truth, and answers to basic questions about God were being challenged. It was in this culture that Luther took a stand for the truth of God’s freedom.

Luther believed that all people had the right and privilege to read and interpret the Word of God for themselves, in their own languages. He translated the Bible into the native language of the day, which changed how most Christians related to the Scriptures and helped the world understand that salvation is a free gift. But this was illegal for him to do. At the time, Church leaders believed that God’s Word should be read only in Latin—this kept many people from being able to read it for themselves. By standing for what he believed in, Luther paved the way for generations of Christians to discover their own relationship with God, outside of religion.

Luther’s actions led to the reformation of the entire church system and brought revival to the common people. God is going to use you to bring freedom to others. Your breakthroughs in understanding His Word will pave the way for others’ freedom, too.


Jesus, teach me to delight in Your Word. Set my heart aflame with a new passion for all that Your Word has for me. As I get set free in Your truth, help me to share that truth with the people around me in their native language—in words they will understand. AMEN.

Media Fast Day 1: YouTube

Instead of spending time watching videos on YouTube today, sit quietly or with worship music on in your room and ask God questions you have been wondering about Him. Write down your questions in a journal and listen with the expectation that He wants to answer you.

Action Point Focus: Students

Think of five friends who do not know the Lord or are struggling with something in their lives. Be intentional about praying specifically for them today and throughout this week.

Today’s Verses:

Keep on asking and it will be given to you; keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. - Matthew 7:7

But there is a God in heaven who solves mysteries, and he has solved this one. - Daniel 2:28

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