Jesus Culture Sacramento


From the day the doors opened at Jesus Culture Sacramento we have been intentional to cultivate and create a culture of generosity. Generosity is a normal part of the lifestyle of a follower of Jesus, because we take our lead from a generous God. A little over a year ago our City Groups went through Robert Morris’ teaching on the Blessed Life! The testimonies we have heard since then and the changes we saw in peoples lives resulted in our team deciding to offer this course on a regular basis. We believe that this teaching will impact every area of your life: your finances, family, emotions, health and relationships. When we align our lives with God’s values and design, every part of our journey benefits.

The Blessed Life course is practical and will bring a renewed mindset on finances and giving. With humor, passion and clarity, Robert Morris presents the secrets of living a blessed life both financially and spiritually.

The course consists of 4 sessions with our next round starting in November. You need to attend each week to complete the course. You also need to have completed the Elements course to be able to attend the Blessed Life. Click the button below to sign up!

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