What is the Awakened Life Course about?

Everyone has been thoughtfully designed and purposed. Everyone has strengths and value to contribute to the world around them. Each one of us is part of something beautiful, thrilling, greater than ourselves. We’re not meant to just get by or maintain, to live muted or disconnected lives. You don’t have to feel stuck, overwhelmed, behind or too late. You are made for a life with God that is fulfilling and exhilarating! Which doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges or diligence involved. But life partnered with God is abundant in the most meaningful ways, and consistently beyond what we could orchestrate in our own best efforts. We find ourselves awakened, living a life that impacts the world around us in ways we never anticipated, or perhaps always dreamed of.

The Awakened Life Course will help you discover the significance of your story, identify the gifts and desires you carry, encourage you to overcome barriers, and propel you toward your unique purpose.

We connect with the abundant life that is available to us when we are awakened to how our story is part of His greater narrative—God’s redemption story. It’s not a question of if God is at work in your life. The question is, what is God at work doing…and do we have the courage to join Him in His work?

The Awakened Life Course is open to those who have graduated from our Elements course, and we ask that you confirm that you are able to attend all four consecutive sessions before you sign up.