How to (practically) Engage Our City

engage in'gāj, en'gāj/ verb

1. Occupy, attract, or ivolve (someone's interest or attention).
Participate or become involved in.

What It Looks Like

So what does it actually look like to engage our community, city, and region?Glad you asked…we have been asking ourselves the same question.

At Jesus Culture Sacramento, to engage the city simply means to participate or get involved. We believe, and Scripture tells us, that followers of Jesus carry the transforming Spirit of God. So when we get involved and participate in different areas of our city and region, change and transformation will naturally begin to happen. We are all called to take ownership of and influence our community, city, and region.

How we engage our city is dependent on what YOU do to engage our city. Although we do not have structured programs in place, we are creating a way for you to connect with likeminded people and organizations! After you submit the form below, we’ll share the contact info for partners in the community who are serving in the areas of interest you selected. We’ll also give you a link to the interest area Facebook group so you can connect with your Jesus Culture Sacramento family members who are also interested in serving in the same areas! Our heart is to add strength to what is already happening.

There are some incredible people in our community who are already doing everything from prison ministry to rescuing and working with victims coming out of human trafficking, praying for our government, and more. This is only the beginning.

If you would like to join us as we begin this journey of fully engaging our city, please fill out this quick survey so we can get you connected.

What Are You Drawn To?

How long have you been coming to JC?
What areas do you have a heart to serve and engage in?
Please enter your email address if you would like to be a part of a group that will connect to serve and engage any of the selected areas above.

Here Are Some Options!

Your Next Steps To Getting Involved

1. Contact the group that populates below. If you selected other or a category that we do not currently have partners for, we will be in contact with you. We are actively working to find groups throughout the community to serve every need!

2. Join the Facebook group! This is a place where you can start conversations with other Jesus Culture Sacramento family members who are interested in serving in the same areas.

Thank You!

Next Steps To Getting Involved

Thank you so much for filling out our survey! The information you've provided will help us connect you the right community partners. We will reach out to the email used in the form with additional details on who you can connect with!

Engage Highlight

Real Stories of Real People,
Engaging Their City.


Rayshaun & Brittany


32 & 31


Night Auditor and Sales for Comcast/NBC Universal & Homemaker

How They Are Engaging

Brittany and Rayshaun founded "Let Hope Arise." A ministry where they, every Sunday, take everyday essentials to the homeless in our community and simply love like Jesus.