What does it actually look like to engage our community, city, and region? At Jesus Culture Sacramento, engaging the city simply means to participate or get involved. We believe, and Scripture tells us, that followers of Jesus carry the transforming Spirit of God. When we get involved in different areas of our city and region, change and transformation will naturally begin to happen. Although we do not have structured programs in place, we have created a way for you to connect with like-minded people and organizations.

Click on the groups below to learn more about what they're doing in the community and how to partner with them. You can also fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page to find groups that match your interests. This is only the beginning!

Ways to Engage

Select a one or more categories you are interested in from the available options and join their mailing list from their page.

Attend an Engage Connect Group meetup. This is where you'll be able to meet face to face with people who have the same heart to serve in the category you selected.

Join the Facebook group for the categories you are interested in. You'll be able to talk with other people from our community who are engaging this area as well.

Get involved with any of the partner ministries in each category you selected. Please note, some categories do not have partner ministries yet.

This summer we are giving grants to people who find creative ways to engage their city. We are calling this "Engage The City Projects". You could do some sort of outreach, a project in your community or help meet a need in the community, a person, group or area in your city/sphere of influence. The more creative the better! One key condition: it can't be for yourself; it has to be for someone else.

• Find a creative way to bless the people you work with.
• Rebuild your neighbor's fence that they can't afford to fix.
• Help a single mom who has a need.
• Come up with a project idea to bless your neighborhood, city or work place.

We have set aside a specific amount of money for this project. Not every application will receive a grant. The goal is to get creative and find ways to bless, serve and meet the needs of the people in your city!

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