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What Is Finding Home?

We have been a church for two years and it is incredible what God has done. We have seen people encounter God, begin to engage the call on their life, and make an impact in the city. What an exciting journey. As we continue to move towards the mandate on this house, God has made it clear that it is time to move towards a permanent home.

We have loved being at Folsom High School and could not have asked for a better venue to start a church. Although we do not have a specific building in mind right now, we do know that the Lord has stirred our hearts to prepare for one.

Our 'Finding Home' journey begins.

A Building Will Help Us Be More Effective In Three Main Areas.

1. Serve Our Family

First and foremost, we want to serve families and the next generation. We want to take care of parents who have babies and toddlers and families with kids who have disabilities. In order to best serve families, we need a place that we can shape to meet these needs. We have done our best in a mobile setting, but there is so much more that we want to do to create an environment where families can thrive.

A place to gather and equip

A home means a place where we can gather as a family consistently, encounter God, and be with one another. We also want a home where we can equip people. As believers, if we are going to impact a city and the nations we have to be equipped. This will be done through a school of transformation, Equipping Nights, conferences, and other trainings.

Better stewards

We have a value to be excellent in all we do while being good stewards with what God has given us. After two years of renting facilities and equipment for every event and gathering we do, it is time for a permanent place where we are investing in something we own.

2. Reach The City

We are a family that is called to impact our city. We are going to accomplish this by being a resource for the community. By opening a coffee shop, establishing a venue that the community can use for events, eventually opening a music studio, and hosting trainings for people leading in different spheres of influence, we will bring resources and strength to the community. Our home will also be a place where the unchurched and newly saved can be plugged into a family.

3. Impact The Nations

Not only are we called to impact our city, but Jesus Culture has a mandate to impact the nations. We need a home base from which we gather believers from all over the world to train and equip them and then send them back into their cities to see revival and transformation. We will do this through conferences, trainings, schools, and streaming our events and church services. A home will also be the place where we can host leaders from around the world who visit to be refreshed and connect.

Invest In Finding Home.

The leadership at Jesus Culture is actively looking at properties and although we have not found one yet, we need to be financially prepared for when we do. We invite you to come on this journey with us. For many people, figuring out how to contribute financially to finding a home may feel overwhelming. There is a helpful tool to figure out how to contribute financially called The 5 "D's"

1. Delay

Maybe you have been planning to buy something specific this year like a new car, phone, or computer. Could you consider delaying that for a period of time and giving that amount to 'Finding Home'?

2. Decrease

Perhaps there are weekly or monthly expenses that you could consider cutting back for a time? Could you get one less Starbucks a week, downgrade your TV package for a bit, or even commit to one less meal out each month? The money you give as a result of those savings will make a huge difference over the course of a year.

3. Do More

Many of you have been blessed with extra resources financially. Could you increase your giving on a consistent basis or consider a one-time financial gift?

4. Donate

It's amazing to think about the 'stuff' we have but don't use (i.e. fitness equipment). It often sits around unused. Selling these things could release important finances and play a major role in helping us to reach our target.

5. Don't Go Into Debt

It's so important that we do this journey together, and do it well. We want a community with healthy, wise, and generous attitudes towards our finances. Please do not go into debt in order to give to this.

Be Creative, Dream Big, And Partner With God
As We Prepare For Our Amazing Future.

From A Crowd
To A Community
From A Community
To A Family

Perparation Phase

$2 Million
Initial Goal
Current production equipment
$1.5 Million
25% down payment for a $6 million purchase
Planning & Feasibility
Give To Finding Home