Choosing to grow in twenty-twenty

We believe that God is always moving. Our Father doesn't waste seasons, and He is not going to let 2020 end without giving us breakthrough.

Let's dive deeper into connection and growth together. This year is far from over, and we feel God calling us to choose hope and expectancy for the next 5 months!

Starting in August, we will offer over 46 Zoom courses over four 4-week sessions. Courses are led by our staff and/or leaders within our community.

We felt the Lord encourage us to focus on three categories: Growth, Connection and Equipping. These are the areas we believe our church will thrive in throughout the rest of 2020.

Take a look at all the courses being offered and start thinking about which ones you'll participate in for future sessions! Drop your email address below to get updates when registration opens up for each session.

Session 4 registration is open.

Session 4

Nov 16-Dec 14

Blessed Life

Cody Williams
Tuesdays 7-8:30pm

Our leadership has felt led to take our church through Pastor Robert Morris' teaching on the Blessed Life! We believe that this teaching will change every area of your life: financially, marriage, family, health and relationships. When we embrace a culture of generosity, every part of our journey is affected. Embracing the practical guidance of The Blessed Life will bring a renewed mindset on finances and giving. With humor, passion and clarity, Robert Morris presents the secrets of living a blessed life both financially and spiritually. We are excited to journey through this teaching as a church family.

Physical Fitness for Women

Jessica Wink
Mondays 7-8pm

This is an in-person class at Jessica's owned gym in Roseville.

Finding God in the gym. We will discuss the benefits of working out and how to find God in the hard stuff while we're doing it. Come learn how movement, nutrition and weights create space and clarity for connection to the Holy Spirit. Each meet up will consist of circle time where we will set intentions, prophesy and share our wins each week. Working out and eating clean has proven to decrease stress, eliminate sadness & increase energy and clarity. This group is perfect for the woman who seeks ways to care for herself by changing and creating new disciplines and habits.

Session 4

Nov 16-Dec 14

Discover the Prophetic

Angela West
Tuesdays 6:30-8pm

The Bible says "You may all prophesy" and that all Christians can hear God's voice. Has this been your experience? Or would you like to grow more in recognizing God's voice and learning to prophesy? This course aims to demystify the prophetic and to answer such questions as: How does God speak? How can I hear God better for myself and others? What is prophecy? What are the different prophetic gifts? How can we keep the prophetic healthy?

Come and explore this amazing gift called the prophetic and discover how through it you too can "strengthen, comfort and encourage" others! This course combines Biblical teaching with opportunities to put that teaching into practice through multiple activations in a fun and safe environment.

How to Study the Bible

Michael Brodeur
Tuesdays 7-8:30pm

In this crazy season of Covid19 and political polarity, we find ourselves in "War of Worldviews". Sadly, many believers are biblically illiterate and cannot address the challenges of this moment with a biblical worldview. It's time for us to be equipped in the Bible if we hope to be the world-changers that Jesus created us to be.

"If you abide in me, and my WORDS abide in you, you will ask for whatever you want and I will do it for you." - Jesus.

The scripture is filled with "exceeding great and precious promises" that empower every believer to be blessed and bless others. However, this promise of blessing hinges upon the Word of God abiding in us. This series is designed to help you fall in love with the Bible at a deeper level. We will focus on four specific points: Encountering God in the Scripture - 2 Tim. 3:16, Experiencing the transforming power of the Word - 2 Tim. 2:15, Encouraging others through the Truth of the Bible - 2 Tim. 3:17, Expressing the Truth to those who don't know Jesus - 1Pet.3:15

Equipping in Sozo

Teresa Liebscher
Thursdays 6-8pm

This course will cover how to use the Sozo ministry to identify needs and lies that we live with and thus hinder our connection to the members of the Godhead. Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are wishing to be part of people's lives to help people live a healthy life and deal with people and situations in a healthy way.

People will learn why we need inner healing in our lives, Sozo ministry, the Father Ladder and painful places.

Session 4

Nov 16-Dec 14

Single Women (over 30) Connection Group

Lyndsee Rentfrow
Mondays 5:30-7pm

"Scripture says that being single is a gift." "If being married is a desire of your heart, then God will give it to you." Just kiss dating goodbye!" "When you're ready, God will send the perfect person." These well-meaning soundbites seem helpful but can actually be very challenging to hear the longer you're single. There ARE many wonderful things about being single and it is absolutely a sweet season, but it can be hard to wait on the Lord... especially when all of your friends are getting married and starting a family.

I was 37 when I married for the first time and I have walked through many challenging seasons while I was waiting for my husband. This connection group is specifically for single women over the age of 30. The purpose of this group is to create a safe space for us to share the beautiful and hard things about singleness. We will encourage and support each other and share what has been helpful and what has been difficult.