God is moving in every season

In 2020, we chose to intentionally go after growth and connection as a community. We were overwhelmed by your hunger to declare life over a challenging year, and the fruit of our collective 'yes' is still pouring in.

We are excited to announce that we are expanding our 'In Every Season' initiative into 2021 with 2 more sessions!

As we focus on 3 categories: Growth, Connection, and Equipping, we believe that God is going to set us up for a year of harvest in 2021.

Session 2 courses are posted and will be open for registration on February 8th.

Drop your email address below to get updates when registration opens up for each session.

Session 2

Feb 22-Mar 15

Prayer & Intimacy

Angela West
Tuesdays 6:30-8pm

Whether you are a seasoned or new believer, we can all grow in prayer and intimacy with God! This course is designed to help equip you to experience His Presence, hear His voice and connect with His heart through prayer and intimacy. We will look at essential belief systems and core values and expose the lies that tell us God 'plays hard to get', 'withholds himself' or is 'distant' and 'hiding'. Discover God's original intent for a vibrant, life giving, close relationship with His sons and daughters and how He is even more committed to our intimacy with Him than we are! This course will furnish you with practical and effective ways to grow in prayer and intimacy through Bible based teaching, encounters and activations!

Session 2

Feb 22-Mar 15

Global Missions

Sonja Weller
Adrian Weller
Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm

This course will give an overview of global missions and God's heart for the lost/unreached. We will share our story, our vision and our approach to missions. In addition, we will communicate how to get involved.

The Pursuit of Progress

Kelly Clark
Tuesdays 6-7pm

My name is Kelly Clark and I am a professional snowboarder and author of the book Inspired; The Pursuit of Progress. In writing this book I set out to help others define success in a healthy way. As a professional athlete, I learned to live and thrive in a performance culture, but not be defined by my performance. This course will be based on the framework of my book, but reading the book is not a prerequisite. This class will be a deep dive into learning to define success, develop a deeper sense of identity and give you tools to impact the culture you are in. It will focus on equipping you for sustained growth and help you embrace the journey like never before. This book is based on Kingdom concepts and reflects Christian principles, but is not specifically Christian. I've always believed if you show people the Kingdom, they're going to want to meet the King.

This is an invitation for you to come in, hear a piece of my story and hopefully be challenged and inspired to go on a journey of your own.

Session 2

Feb 22-Mar 15

Moms of Young Children Connection Group

Lyndsee Rentfrow
Hailley Jo Holcombe
Fridays 12:20-1:30pm

This connection group is for moms of young children who wish to connect with other moms for encouragement, hope and connection. We will dive into topics such as: identity, emotional health and self-care. Please join us for this four-week group to be both refreshed and equipped!

Young Marrieds Connection Group

Jonathan Gilstrap
Alisa Gilstrap
Thursdays 6-7pm

In a time where finding your tribe is harder than usual, we want to be a place of connection among young married couples. If you have been married for 5 years or less, join us as we dive deeper into connection, share stories, and just find people to run with!