Register Your Family!

Checking in your kids is easy, safe and relatively quick! On your first visit to Game Changers, we will have you complete a New Family Card. This card provides our team with information needed to input you into our check in system. *Please note 4th and 5th graders will only meet during the 10am and 11:45am services.

Check in Times
0-3rd grade:

4th-5th grade:

Check in Locations
K-5th Grade will check in at the Multipurpose Room
0-5 Year Olds will check in at the Library

Classroom Locations
0-5 Year Olds: Library
K-3rd Graders: Multipurpose Room
4th-5th Graders: Wrestling Room (only during the 10am and 11:45am services)

Our Vision

Most of our JC Sacramento team is made up of young families, so Children’s Ministry is a big priority to us. Plus, kids are awesome. Who doesn’t love them?

We want our children to encounter the love of Jesus, be empowered to grow confidently in who Jesus created them to be, and know that they can make a profound impact on the world around them. We want our children to know that wherever they go the game is about to change! Hence the name, Game Changers.

What We Teach

What are your kids going to learn about at Game Changers?


View yourself the way Jesus views you.


Your life is a blessing to your generation.


Your life matters! Once you are in the game, the game changes.

The Bible

It is alive and active and holds promises for our life today.

Love & Nurture

Children know they are loved by God and our staff.


Making God’s presence a priority in our life.


Children have a relationship with Holy Spirit and can experience and participate in prophecy, hearing God’s voice, healing and miracles.

Creative and Fun

Your children should walk away with a smile on their faces and joy in their heart after experiencing our program and environment.

Age Groups at Game Changers


2 year olds

3-4 year olds

Kinders-1st graders

2nd-3rd graders

4th-5th graders

The Mix: For Middle and High school kids – 10:00am/11:45am services

If your kid is in middle school we have a special class for them that meets separately from Game Changers during the 10:00am and 11:45am services in the portables by the basketball court. High School meets during the 10:00am service only.

Safety and Security

Keeping children safe is our primary focus. At Jesus Culture we have planned a smooth, organized and efficient children’s check in and pick up process to give parents and guardians a feeling of confidence that their children are safe in the care of competent and diligent people.

Our randomly generated tag codes heighten child and nursery pick up security and give caregivers vital information about allergies and other special needs or alerts, while making it easy to contact parents if necessary.

Jesus Culture has your child’s best interest in mind when it comes to safety and security. All of our volunteers are screened and background checked.