Game Changers

Coming alongside families to raise up sons and daughters who know the power and presence of God, His principles, His promises, and His purpose. We want our children to encounter the love of Jesus, be empowered to grow confidently in who Jesus created them to be, and know that they can make a profound impact on the world around them.


9am 0-5th grade
Check-In 8:45am

11am 0-5th grade
Check-In 10:45am

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It will be my first time, what can I expect?

On your first visit to Game Changers, we will have you complete a New Family Card. This card provides our team with information needed to input you into our check in system. Check in begins 15 minutes before each service and ends 15 minutes after each service begins.

What do you teach at Game Changers?

We have full access to God's power through the Holy Spirit.

We make God's Presence a priority in our daily life.

We have purpose because of Jesus and the price He paid for us and others.

We have hope because God's promises are true and yet to come.

The Word of God is alive and active. We want kids in Game Changers to have a Biblical foundation in everything they do.

Our Leader

Andrew Gonzales

Children's Pastor