Do I have to buy the book/study guide?

It is not required in order to watch the videos, although we highly recommend them if you want to get the most out of this study! They were created to go together.

Can I do this with my small group? You can, and you should!

Here is how we recommend you get your group on board: Send everyone the link to this page, set a time that you can meet digitally to discuss (In person, FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangout are great options!), encourage everyone to watch the video before the scheduled meeting time, discuss the content together!

Will these stay up for me to watch later?

Once they're gone they're gone, so stayed locked in and committed for the full five weeks! But, thankfully for you, all these sessions are available on DVD, so if you miss out or want to journey through it again, you can order your DVD at the link below.

Where will I find all the session videos?

Each week you will receive a link to the page with the video. (Pro tip: the new videos will always be uploaded to the same page, so if you want to be really savvy, you can bookmark the webpage the first day you get it, and you’ll find the updates there each week.)

Will I be able to watch at my own pace?

You will have one week to watch each video. It will be up all week so you can pick the day and time you want to watch, but it will be replaced with the new video every Monday.

How long is each video and how many sessions are there?

There are five sessions, and each video is approximately 30 minutes.