• Alyssa Quilala is a wife, mom, minister and author. She and her husband Chris Quilala, lead singer for the worship band Jesus Culture, are the parents of 5 beautiful children Ella, Aria, Liv, Maddex and overcame the unexpected stillbirth of their son, Jet, whom she carried in pregnancy for almost nine months. She wrote a book called “Mending Tomorrow”, a resource for those needing to find hope in painful situations. Alyssa is actively involved in ministry at her home church, Jesus Culture Sacramento. Along with being an ordained minister, Alyssa is an actress and model, actively influencing the entertainment industry. She is passionate about helping others overcome traumatic experiences with biblical tools and seeing hope restored to broken hearts. She believes that emotional health is a crucial part of living a whole and happy life in Christ.

    Thank you so much for considering me to speak for your event! The following is a letter from my leadership. I greatly appreciate your time in reading this before officially sending your invitation. Thank you!

    Dear friends in Christ,

    We appreciate your role in revival and considering Alyssa Quilala to come and be a part of it. Alyssa is an extremely valuable member of our team, here at Jesus Culture. As such, we are highly protective of her and interested in her short and long-term success. So we have developed this set of expectations of what we consider requisite for her to come and lead worship at your event.

    Alyssa does not require a set amount or fee for her ministry. Obviously, we ask that you cover all of her (and her travel companion’s) travel expenses, which includes the airfare reimbursement, hotel, and food. We operate on a culture of honor and believe ministers are worthy of being blessed for the grace on their lives and their hard work. We know it is in all our hearts to live generously so an honorarium which keeps in mind the number of band members is encouraged.

    Please don’t misunderstand our heart. Alyssa is a great servant and wouldn’t mandate these guidelines for herself, but we know them to be necessary and want to make sure we are covering her as she travels.

    If you are in agreement with all of this, the next step is to fill out the invitation form. If you do so, we are expecting that your decision makers be in agreement with all of the details of this letter. We will consider the invitations prayerfully and give approval if that seems good to the Lord.

    Banning Liebscher, Director of Jesus Culture
  • What other speakers or worship leaders will be at this event? If none, type none.
  • Tell us more about this event. The vision behind it, purpose for gathering, etc.
    *Refer to invitational letter above. **Budget needs to include travel, lodging, food and honorarium.