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1 on 1 with Banning Liebscher: Lyle Wells Part 1

Guests: Lyle Wells June 8th, 2016


“Banning sits down and discusses leadership with Lyle Wells, National Director of Leadership Processes at the Flippen Group. Lyle is a published and sought-after speaker and advisor to educators, corporate leaders, athletic teams, and non-profit organizations. At the Flippen Group Lyle makes it a goal to equip and encourage others. He focuses on growing high performers, maximizing leaders, and multiplying the influence of all the individuals he engages. Lyle speaks not only from a place of wisdom and insight but also from vast experiences. Lyle was a Colorado school administrator at two nationally-recognized high schools, coached multiple state championship teams, and spent more than a decade as a classroom teacher. He was athletic director and head basketball coach for Palm Beach Atlantic University’s nationally-ranked basketball team, received the National Coach of the Year award, and has been a senior leader for successful business ventures.”

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