What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be fully alive How do you live from your heart? How do you find your purpose? The Man Camp is a journey into the wild, stepping outside of the normal, mundane and status quo to explore and discover what it means to be a man. Hear the failures, victories, perspectives and stories of men who are on the same journey to live life fully alive.

Current Episode

Current Episode

The Spirituality of Adventure

Guests: Jason Graves August 15th, 2022


Taking care of your heart and soul is not selfish, it’s strategic and spiritual. Adventure is something often with an unknown outcome. It requires faith, risk and trust. All elements that help us grow personally and fight complacency. This interview was captured with alive audience at a men’s conference. Zack sits down with Jason Graves for this special summer episode to talk more about the spirituality of adventure.

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Zack Curry
San Diego Lead Pastor &
Director of Operations

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