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A 500 Year Prison Sentence: Ron Adkins

Guests: Ron Adkins • July 20th, 2020


Jesus Culture has had the honor of being a part of an incredible prison ministry in Texas. Several people from our team have gone into the prison to minister and be a part of the incredible work going on there. There have been countless stories of redemption, transformation and we have had the privilege of meeting some amazing people. Zack first met Ron Adkins in Dallas Texas at a hotel, where we were filming his story for our JC Sacramento Easter service. We were able to meet Ron and his wife Dawn who also has an amazing story. Together they lead a ministry called Radical Restoration. We have stayed in touch over the years and have been able to hear him share his testimony several times. Every time we hear it we are moved and reminded again that nothing is impossible with God. Ron was serving a 500 year prison sentence when he had a radical encounter with God. What God did from there you will hear about today. Here is our conversation with Ron Adkins.

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