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Burnout and Desert Seasons: Darren Rouanzoin

Guests: May 6th, 2020


We are so excited for you to hear our conversation with Darren Rouanzoin. He is a pastor, church planter, a deep thinker, an innovator and someone we respect a lot. He enjoys a CORSSFIT work out, a good surf session, family, friends and dreaming of ways to change the world. He is passionate about leading people to know and experience the extravagant generosity of God and the abundant life Jesus brings here and now. We sat down with Darren to talk about his own journey of burnout, what it looks like to thrive in desert seasons of our life and some crazy things the Lord spoke to Darren about before the Corona virus hit the U.S. What Darren shared in this conversation is something men need to hear, especially in this point in time. Here is our conversation with Darren Rouanzion.

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