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Dads & Daughters

Guests: Lauren Hasson August 3rd, 2020


In this episode we sat down with Lauren Hasson to talk about Dads & Daughters and how important the role of a father is to a girl growing up. As a Dad of 3 girls (Zack here) the reality of this is in front of me every day. Lauren shares first hand from her own life how her Dad was instrumental in building and imparting confidence, identity and value that she lives with today. How what he modeled and taught her opened doors in her life and empowered her to be all that God created her to be. For all the Dad’s out there this conversation is a must listen. Lauren’s account of what her Dad did and modeled for her is something we all can learn from. One of the greatest measures of success is what we can invest in our children. The good news is that doing this is practical, simple and attainable. You are always leaving a legacy wether you know it or not. The question is, what kind of legacy will it be. Here is our conversation with our friend Lauren Hasson.

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