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The Priority of Family in Leadership

Guests: Ron Luce February 18th, 2013


“The greatest fruit from your leadership is the people you are pouring your life into. As leaders God has called us to keep family as a priority. Leadership puts another level of pressure on you and if you’re not careful you can put all of your energy into the call of leadership and neglect your family. Wether you are single, married, have kids or don’t, this show applies to you. Hear practical ways that you can guard family in the midst of leading from Banning and the team, from Ron Luce from Teen Mania and more. We also caught up with point guard Brandon Smith at UC Berkeley for “In the Game”. This topic is critical for long-term fruitful leadership!”

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Banning Liebscher
Lead Pastor
Becky Johnson
Executive Pastor
Phil Manginelli
Lead Pastor, The Square ATL

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