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Faithful and Trusted

May 6th, 2018


This week, Banning Liebscher walks us through the power of surrender. God’s agenda for your life is freedom and a surrendered life is a free life. We will be in bondage to any area of our life that we are unwilling to surrender to the Lord. He is a kind and gracious Father who longs to see His children living whole, healthy and free lives!
God has our best interest in mind when He says that He wants ALL of us. Unfortunately, there is one area in our lives that is really tough to surrender, and that is finances. God wants us to have much more than earthly wealth, but how we handle our finances is an important part of being trusted with true riches. God’s commandments, including how to handle our finances, are based out of love, not control.
Listen this week as Banning sheds light on what living a life of freedom in our finances and i really looks like, in our finances and every area of our lives!

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Banning Liebscher
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