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Forgiveness & Freedom: Jason Vallotton

Guests: Jason Vallotton October 28th, 2019


Forgiveness and freedom are connected. In the journey toward forgiveness we cannot ignore pain or hard things. We sat down with Jason Valloton, a pastor, a sought-after counselor, speaker and author who wrote the book The Supernatural Power of Forgiveness and co-authored Moral Revolution and Outrageous Courage. His own story of learning to walk in forgiveness and freedom is powerful! He is also a man’s man. He loves to hunt, fish and call other men to live fully alive and with adventure. He recently started doing BORN WILD Men’s Retreat’s with the vision to see men reconnect with God and each other in the most authentic, unconventional ways. In a time when masculinity has been confused, abandoned and even villainized, he and several other leaders are calling men to embrace how God has created us. We can’t wait for you to hear this conversation with Jason Vallotton.

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