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Leading in Hardship: Part 2

April 25th, 2014


“What does it look like to lead when things are hard? What do you hold on to and where do you get strength? As a leader you don’t have the option of taking a break from leading when you’re going through something challenging. Walking through storms is part of life. This month on the JCLP we dive in to the topic of “Leading in Hardship”. It gets even better becauseu2026some of the Jesus Culture ladies took over hosting these episodes. Kim Walker Smith, Becky Johnson, Seajay Liebscher and Sheri Silk kicked out the guys and brought some amazing perspective, truth and spunk to what they are now affectionately renaming the JCLP as the “Jesus Culture Ladies Podcast”. There’s a a message clip from Kim, Becky caught up with Katie Torwalt for “Music Spotlight” and a there’s whole new twist on the JCLP that you DO NOT want to miss.”

Podcast Hosts

Banning Liebscher
Lead Pastor
Becky Johnson
Executive Pastor
Phil Manginelli
Lead Pastor, The Square ATL

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