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Leading Teams: Part 1

Guests: Derek Johnson March 17th, 2015


“Zack, SeaJay, Dean, and Chris Quilala discuss the dynamics of leading teams and what they have learned and continue to learn as leaders of teams since launching Jesus Culture Sacramento 6 months ago. Jesus Culture Conference – Los Angeles In 2015, we are believing the Holy Spirit to stir the hearts of the people to gather together – starting in Los Angeles. We have invited some of our favorite speakers and worship leaders, in order to equip and bless the Church – and to ultimately bring to God all that He has paid for. We pray that you will join us on this momentous occasion. Jesus Culture Emerge: Let’s Talk About It: SEXUALITY A Countercultural 6-week online course to help you transform your student’s view of sexuality. Topics include: the nature of God, identity, the purpose of sex, needs, the effects of sexual behaviors in our body, soul and spirit, and building vision for sexual purity during singlehood, marriage and beyond.  “

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Banning Liebscher
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Phil Manginelli
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